Review: PuB Night at Darby’s & Celebration of Light

Yesterday we went for our PuB Night to the Darby’s. We were really lucky and got a big table outside at their roof patio and so we could enjoy the sun for some more time while we had some cool beers. Also their food was pretty good, everything was really fresh and tasted delicious. We also ordered something like a beer tasting, where they gave us 8 small glasses filled with different beers from their menu, domestic and imported.  So we had a nice overview about what they’re offering and were able to find out which tasted best for us.

We stayed in there until about 9.30 at then made our way to the beach and found a really good spot to watch the fireworks of the Celebration of Light. We just got there on time to see the nice sunset and the we had an awesome view on the firework and the downtown skyline.

So for all of you who have seen the last firework too, I think USA had a better show than the French yesterday, but let’s see what France is showing us on saturday. Please remember that our office will be closed tomorrow and monday, so tuesday morning will be your last chance to sign up for that awesome Rockies trip!!! Hope may of you want to join us for that and also for our weekly activity on sunday where we’ll watch the pride parade together.


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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