Review: Trip to the Rockies – Part 1

We’re back from our great tip to the Rockies. And what an extraordinary experience it was! Amazing how much you can experience in just four days. For this reason we have found it necessary to divide this blog post into several parts.

We headed off for our adventure with our tour bus Friday, August 8, at 12:15pm. For our bus ride who gave us interesting information about the different sights that we were passing along the way. Our first stop was in Kamloops where we had a bit of time to buy some food before the arrival to Revelstoke, which was our final destination for the first day. In Revelstoke we checked in at our hotel for the night. Unfortunately bad weather conditions had caused that a couple of rooms were without electricity for some time, and there were no lights along the corridors in the hotel. Fortunately the light bulbs were replaced by candle lights in order to guide us to the different rooms. Actually this also added a bit of a cozy atmosphere to the hotel.

After having found our rooms, we headed downstairs to the hotel bar. Here we had the opportunity to get to know each other better. Some were sitting having a chat while others played pool. It was a great night but since we had a long day ahead of us and we had to get up early, most of us didn’t stay up for too long.

The next day, Saturday, the daylight uncovered the astonishing surroundings in which our hotel was situated. However, the scenery was to get even better. We started our bus drive at 7:45am. our next destination would be Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. While approaching the Rockies our guide told us that the views would change from very good to amazing. And this was certainly true. When entering the Rockies it was almost impossible to not constantly look at the natural wonders that were passing us by. Massive mountains and beautiful lakes were to be spotted everywhere. Sometimes we could also spot some of the wildlife living in the area.

Before arrival to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake we had a stopover. However, we didn’t just stop in order to stretch our legs. As you can see on the picture, We got the chance to get extra close to the wildlife of the area. The cute creatures in the picture definitely weren’t afraid of getting up close to humans, and this was to everybody’s amusement. After this stop we headed to Lake Moraine. At Lake Moraine we got some time to walk around and take pictures of the beautiful scenery before moving on to the even more impressive Lake Louise.

At lake Louise we also had some time to get some food and just walk around. The greatness of the lake is difficult to describe just in words. Just take a look at the picture… it is truly beautiful! The lake gets its turquoise colour from a glacier. Every time the glacier moves it tears off tiny bits of the rock. This rock flour goes into the lake where the turquoise colour is reflected by the sunlight.

Be on the lookout for the next part for the review of our Rockies trip.


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