Review: Trip to the rockies – Part 2

Soo, after a great time around Lake Louise we continued to our next destination, the Banff gondola. The gondola led us to the top of the mountains where it was possible to walk around on pathways and enjoy spectacular views of the Banff mountains. Since we didn’t have too much time at the top of the mountains, some of us had a bit of exercise running up and down stairs leading from one end of the pathway to the other. When arriving back down in the valley some took the opportunity to have look a the tourist shop. We also had a lot of fun watching some of the pictures taken when entering the gondola at the top of the mountain. It was possible to buy the pictures at the tourist shop but perhaps it was a bit expensive.

After the visit at the Banff gondola we went to Banff city to check-in at our hotel, and then we went out to try out some of the local places to eat. Later during the evening some went out to dance the night away at a club, while others preferred to have a chat at some of the many great pubs that Banff has to offer.

The next morning, Sunday, we had to leave Banff at 8:00am after having our breakfast. However, some chose to skip the breakfast, sleep in and buy some food at one of our several stop along our bus drive instead. Actually we weren’t that much behind schedule and almost everybody managed to be outside the hotel ready to get on the bus at exactly 8:00 am. Yet another great day were awaiting. We passed by more beautiful mountains and amazing lakes and waterfalls. Along the way we visited Johnston’s Canyon, Bow Lake and Peyto Lake and we travelled the icefields parkway. The top attraction of the day was the Columbia icefield where we travelled with a so called SnoCoach up the glacier. A SnoCoach is a special bus specifically build for the purpose of travel up and down the glacier. As we reach the top of the glacier most of us tried to drink the ice-cold and refreshing glacial water. Water never tasted this good… very delicious!

Before arriving at our hotel in Valemount, our final destination of the day, we went to see Mount Robson. With its 3954 metres Mount Robson is the highest mountain in the Rockies. Fortunately the weather kept on being sunny, so we were able to see all the way to the top of the mountain. During the evening we had a BBQ dinner at our hotel. Everybody was sitting and chatting during this nice and cozy evening.

Keep your eyes peeled for the third and final part of the review of our great rockies trip.


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