Review: Trip to the Rockies – Part 3

On our last day we left our hotel at 7:30am to get our breakfast. After breakfast we went on the bus again. We had hundreds of kilometres of road in front of us. Fortunately we also had several stops during our trip, and we definitely didn’t get bored. Most of used the first part of the trip to try to get some sleep, although it sometimes could be a bit difficult because of the beautiful scenery. Our first activity of the was a bear safari. Already before doing the bear safari we were lucky to spot a bear very close to the road. This was all very exciting, and everybody rushed to the one side of the bus to get a picture. A man driving in front of us was a bit too curious. He had stopped his car and got out of the car to take pictures. When you’re this close to a bear, the last thing you should do is of course to get out of your car.

After some time we arrived to the place where we could either enjoy a smoothie, bagel or whatever else on offer at a nice houseboat or join the bear safari. Once again the weather was perfect: hot and sunny. Perfect for bear watching. However, not only did we see bears, also eagles were to be spotted. The bear safari lasted about an hour. After the trip you could, of course, buy pictures of yourself standing in front of or right next to a bear.

After the bear safari it was time to visit Spahat Falls. A small path led to a viewpoint from which you could see the great waterfall. Our tour guide told us that there was something magic to this waterfall. He told us stare at the waterfall for about 20-30 seconds, and then look at the rock next to the waterfall. As we tried to do this, it felt as if the rock started to move up and down. Perhaps it was actually even more funny to watch other peoples’ reaction to this optical illusion.

Before arriving back in Vancouver, we stopped at a very nice lake where we could get something to eat and take a swim. As we were getting closer to Vancouver it started to get more hot, so a lot of us took advantage of the opportunity to get out for swim in the lake.

On our way back to Vancouver we had a quiz about the different facts our guide had given us during the trip… great fun. On our arrival to Vancouver we thanked our bus driver and tour guide for an amazing trip.

Click here if you want to see more pictures from this great trip.

We hope that just as many will join our next monthly trip which will be to Whistler. So be on the lookout for the next trip. 

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