Review: Vancouver Canucks hockey evening

Last Saturday we had a great evening by watching a hockey game here in Vancouver. It was the last pre-season game this year and the Vancouver Canucks played against the Edmonton Oilers. After a few Minutes Vancouver did already the first goal and again after a few Minutes they did their second goal. So it seemed the game would be very one-sided and Vancouver would win for sure. But then the game turned and Edmonton did one goal as well by playing really not bad anymore. The game turned from one-sided into suspenseful and we followed the game passionately.
The atmosphere was great, so even ,if you don’t like hockey, it’s a lot of fun. During the breaks they threw Canucks-shirts into the crowd, filmed people, who were dancing or did other funny things and played good music. The audience did a la ola wave and cheered the Canucks on. Apart from the game there were so many things and people that entertained you…it was really not possible to get bored.
At the end the Canucks won by three goals to two…YIHAAAA!!

Since it was still early for a Saturday evening we went out to the Doolin’s Irish Pub to enjoy some more beers.
See more pictures of the evening here.




Hope all of you have a great start in this week and we see you on wednesday at the PuB Night.

Join us for a great movie evening next Saturday here.


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