Review: Portland trip

Aaand we’re back from our fantastic Portland trip. Here’s a little review of the trip. We went off from Vancouver bright and early at around 7:15am, Friday, November 14th. It didn’t take long before we reached the US/Canadian border where we had to go through the security control. Our bags were scanned, the border control officers needed to scan our fingerprints, and we had to fill in a slip including personal information. Luckily we got through the control pretty fast. On our way to Portland we also got a quick glimpse of Seattle.

At around 4pm we arrived at the shopping mall Woodburn Premium Outlets just outside Portland. Five hours at a shopping mall sounds like a lot but actually the hours past by very fast. This mall is just massive, and perhaps there were a bit too many shops for the girls to handle 😉 Most of the shops had very good offers, so when we had to leave the mall at 9pm a lot of us arrived back to the bus with our hands full of shopping bags. Sometimes the selection was just overwhelming… just look at all the colourful shoes at the picture. Hmmm, what to chose?

The next day we headed to downtown Portland where we had a little sightseeing tour. The slogan for this city is “Keep Portland weird”, and the weirdness of this city was something we quickly noticed… the citizens of Portland definitely want their city to be like no other. After our little tour around the city, we had some free time to walk around and discover what this city has to offer. Most of us went to the Voodoo Doughnut store. We were lucky to arrive a bit early. It’s not unusual that people wait in line for a least 1 hour! And of course there’s a reason for the long line… the doughnuts here are amazing and comes in all kinds of shapes and colours. Some people just couldn’t get enough, so they bought several boxes filled with doughnuts.

After a great time at the Voodoo Doughnut place, we continued shopping around Portland. Most of us also went to a big Apple store. There’s no sales tax in Portland, so everything is just sooo much cheaper compared to Vancouver and Canada in general.

In the evening we went to watch a great NBA match. It was the Portland Trail Blazers against Brooklyn Nets, and of course Portland won 🙂 The match was very entertaining but the energetic crowd and the entertainment during the breaks just made this match an awesome experience! There really was no limit to the craziness… There was a trampoline show, a big inflated car was flying around the stadium and dropped off coupons, small kids cycled around the basket court in a competition to win a weekly Happy Meal for one year at McDonald’s… No wonder why there are so many big Americans, hahaha! After the match some went downtown to party. Others stayed at the hotel to try out the hot tub and the warmed up swimming pool, niiiice 🙂

Sunday morning we headed off from our hotel at around 9am. We didn’t have to drive for long before we arrived in front of the 2nd tallest year-round waterfall in the US, the Multnomah Waterfalls. It was very cold and windy but the view of the waterfall was just incredible! We had some time to walk around the trails around the waterfall… it was a bit icy, so you can imagine that we had lots of fun trying to keep the balance.

After visiting the waterfall we hit the road back towards the US/Canadian border, got a bit to eat and did a bit of tax free shopping… of course,  and then went back to Vancouver.

Thanks to everyone for a great trip, and thanks to our driver Bruno and our tour guide Adam for making this a superb trip. What an amazing tour!

Check out all of the pictures from this awesome trip here.

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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