Internship possibilities for Canadians in the US

Las Vegas Nights

INTERNeX now provides Canadians with J1 visa support for internships in the USA

The United States of America; a land of contrasts, of wild diversity and never-ending possibilities.

From Hollywood to New York, Route 66 and Vegas to Yellowstone and New Orleans… everything your have seen and heard about a thousand times in movies and on television is here… at your doorstep.

From practicums in major, well known cities like Los Angeles and New York to more industrially or technologically focussed regions, you have a nearly unlimited choice of industry sectors, activities and companies. From large multi-nationals to small, dynamic startups you have nearly every conceivable placement option.

Of course it isn’t all about work; the US has a unique mystery all its own. From the Great American Road trip to southern-BBQ, Venice Beach and the first Starbucks you have a nearly unlimited landscape and culture to explore. There are unimaginable experiences waiting to be had.

The United States is one of the most culturally diverse countries on earth and its population is comprised of German 16%, African 13%, Irish 11%, English 9%, Mexican 7%, Italian 6%, Scandinavian 4%, Polish 3%, French 3%, and Native American 3% and 25% of everything else.

This multi-ethnic background can be experienced in every aspect of their culture; in the music from Jazz to hip hop and Blues to Pop, from Ragtime to Soul and Rock.. and also wondrously in the local cuisine… no not only the amazing pizza, burgers and dogs, but Gumbo and Tex-Mex, New York Cheesecake and New England Clam Chowder and everything in between. The food, like the culture, music and landscape, enjoys the greatest diversity you can experience anywhere on earth.

So get out there and see it , feel it, hear it and take it all in… there is more to the USA than you could ever imagine.

For more info on what we offer and how to find your internship click HERE 

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