Did you know.. Rockies

Noivado Ro e Ana-4Did you know…

+ That the Rockies stretch over 3000 miles or 4830 kilometres and are included as one of the major mountains in the world? It spans from Canada to New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.

Noivado Ro e Ana-32+ That the Rocky Mountains were formed 80 to 55 million years ago?

+ That there are four groups which divideRocky Mountain? They have at least 100 different ranges. The four groups include the Southern Rockies, Canadian Rockies and Northern Rockies, Colorado Plateau, and Middle Rockies.

Noivado Ro e Ana-38+ That The highest peak of Rocky Mountain in Central North America is located in Mount Elbert? The mountain is in Colorado. It has the height around 14,440 feet (4,4 km).

+ That INTERNeX is organizing a trip to the Rocky Mountains in May?


That’s what I thought; sign up now for this four days trip to the Rocky Mountains for only $389.

Check out the Facebook event for more information!


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