PuB NiGHT Review

Pub Night Review @ Black Frog Eatery

Last Pub Night we had quite the turnout with about 20 people!
The Pub we had picked for this week was Black Frog where we had a whole area just for ourselves.
Since we were so many the waiters even gave us numbers so that they would be able to better remember who ordered what frog

For Wednesday the PR Team also prepared a little game exercise called Survival on the Moon. And this is what it entails: Imagine you want to land on the Moon, but you got 200 miles off course and now you want to return to the mothership. However, you only have 15 items which can help you get back. The challenge is to rank the items with highest priority from 1 through 15.
What we did was let everyone try to rank the items individually and later on split everybody into 3 teams where they could discuss their ranking and come up for one within the group.
After this, the group rankings were compared with the official NASA ranking and whichever group was closest received a prize. A round of drinks for the whole group!
I also have to say that each group had similar scores, so they just barely won. Every group did well and would have survived, albeit with many difficulties.

Later in the night when everyone began dispersing the rest of us went to Cambie’s for another drink after which we finally called it a night as well. Good times!

See you next Pub Night!

Your PR Team


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