Did you have a fantastic weekend as well?

Last Saturday we were in search for an adrenaline-pumped experience and found it in North Vancouver at North Shore Paintball!

We arrived at the designated location at around 11:15am where we began making preparation for our impending battles. It started with receiving paintball markers, masks, (very sexy) coveralls and the all-important ammunition: paintballs.
Thereon, we were given a safety speech and the games could finally begin! But before the tales of our epic heroics, let me explain some of the game mechanics. The whole field of about 4 acres big (that’s almost 16200 sq m) was split into 2 areas. The front side had lots of hills, bunkers, buildings and barricades while the backside was a complete jungle. We had the chance to play many scenarios, each game lasting 15 min and with every group present participating but being separated into a total of 2 teams. There’s also a referee who explains every scenario at the beginning and makes sure everyone follows the rules.

The first game we played was a simple team deathmatch. Both teams started out on opposite sides of the field and had to eliminate the opposing team. In the beginning we were quite clumsy since none of us are paintball veterans. However, slowly but surely we got the hang of it. Running around, hiding, crawling, crouching and looking for enemies all at the same time was extremely exhausting but so worth it! We had so much fun!
There were times were some us stealthily appeared behind our opponents and shot them all in the back, winning the game for us. Another time the enemy holed himself up in a bunker where we couldn’t reach so we stormed it, throwing ourselves into the bunker shooting around the corner.
There were so many different scenarios to play like capture the flag, king of the hill and prison break. I was really impressed by the set up.

After 4 hours of battle, we eventually ran out of paintballs at which point we had been completely drained of energy anyway. So we returned our equipment and made our way home to Vancouver excitedly recounting our experiences.

It really was an amazing adventure and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t gone and tried it yet.

Your PR Team

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