PuB NiGHT Review – The Scavenger Hunt

What did you think of our Scavenger Hunt? Last night we had an extremely fun evening!

By the way, if you have any pictures or videos please send them to us per email (, Facebook or WhatsApp (1 (604) 368 0816).
We were planning on creating a new picture wall for the INTERNeX office with all of your incredible photos.
Thanks a bunch!

Here’s a little summary of what we did:
In our Scavenger Hunt we first met up at The Lennox Pub and divided everyone in groups of 3. Then, each team had to go out into in the city and complete different challenges to earn points for every accomplished task.

The game had 2 components: In Part 1 the teams were given cut-outs of pictures of famous spots in Vancouver like the rainbow-colored crosswalk on Davie St. In order to find at least 3 of the cut-outs they had to make use of hints we provided. Every single group did an awesome job to overcome this half of the game!

For Part 2 we had the teams take photos of themselves doing hilarious things while on the hunt to complete part 1. The challenges involved team members taking a video of themselves singing the song ‘A thousand Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton in front of a London Drugs. Or take pictures of team member silly hats. Another funny video was about a member of the team walking up to a random stranger to ask for directions, telling him/her that they’re lost and need to get back to the Rocky Mountains!
We had an extraordinarily good time and laughed our hats off when we reviewed the pictures and videos of our teams.

After 1,5 hours of time given for the Scavenger Hunt, we counted all the points made per team and found a winner! They had performed exceedingly well, checking off almost all the challenges given. Their prize: a Canadian flag and extremely funny memories they will not be able to forget quickly! I’m sure the rest of the teams feel the same way as well.

Thanks to everyone participating!

Your PR Team


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