PuB NiGHT Review

So many people, so many beers.. It was a good one.

Thanks to everyone who showed up at yesterday’s pub night at Malone’s.

Shortly after we arrived West Trek showed the movies from the tours from the past weekend. Man, that looked tight! So much fun. Guessing that everyone is super excited now for our Rockies trip starting August 28?! Did you see all those lakes? Cannot wait to make one of them my favourite 😉


So, why not come to the office to secure your spot for this fantastic event?

Anyhow, after showing all the movies the DJ turned up the music and quickly people moved to the dance floor, where the girls AND boys moved their hips and danced! We already knew that Amiel is a talented man, and now we even know that he can rap too! He knew the lyrics to Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ too well!


After plenty of beers and some sick dance moves the music stopped and the lights were switched on. However, that certainly did not end our night! A last bunch of people tried to find happiness in the Cambie, so that’s where we went. We drank some more, talked some more and laughed some more and then, finally, it was time to head home (at like 1.45 am :D).


How is everyone feeling today? Has the hangover left its trace on you? For sure Amiel and me have been better before xD!

Get enough rest before the weekend starts because this Saturday’s Brewery Crawl is meant to be a good one! In the meantime your favourite PR coordinators are planning some more events for you that will happen this August.

Hang in there and catch up soon!

Your PR team,

Amiel & Natasja

INTERNeX International Exchange – PR Coordinator

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