PuB NiGHT Review: Bismarck.

So, what do you do if Tim does not want to come to a Pub Night? Right, you bring Pub Night to Tim!

Amiel had this great idea of asking Tim out for beers after work, like we often do.. Then we would secretly invite everyone to the Bismarck, and TADAAA Pub Night with Tim!


As soon as it was beer o’clock Tim decided to take us to the Bismarck for beers after which Amiel and I would head off for pub night at the Six Acres. However, this was obviously never going to be the case. When Laura showed up first and the others quickly after Tim suspected something, so we had to reveal what was going on.


The pub filled up quickly with our people and tequilas were poured richly. After a few rounds of drinks we started speed friending. Speed friending is quite the same as speed dating, except for the fact that we are not trying to find to love of our lives (or are we?), but life long lasting friendships.

This is how it went down: everyone was paired up and provided with a bunch of questions. For four minutes we could ask the other person anything we wanted from that list or something we came up with ourselves. There were questions like: “If you were a ghost, who would you haunt?” and “What is your favourite place in Vancouver?” and many many more!

We found out that some of us don’t like Disney movies, want to work in a cinema, don’t have heroes, would want to eat Indian food if that is the only thing they could eat for the rest of their lives, like their coffee black and think it is weird how Vancouverites like their coffee and much much more. Interesting.

Well, after this awesome activity we just continued the beers and the tequilas and more beers and tequilas and more beers and tequilas… and more beers and tequilas.

By far the best pub night I have been on! Thanks for coming out guys! If this is how it is going to go down in the Rockies, well.. oh my!

That’s all for today. See you guys tomorrow morning 7 am at the Waterfront Station.

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