PuB NiGHT Review – Rockies Reunion

Awesome night, awesome people. Everything is awesome! This is a song that has been constantly sticking in my head for the entire week.

Last night we reunited with our wolf pack from the Rockies! AAWOOO!
We got together at Malone’s Bar&Grill where West Trek already had some seats reserved for us. After arriving, we immediately started talking about the trip and how much fun we had. We also spoke with people from the other tour bus and compared experiences.
However, just a short while after we were able to actually see everything we did. Remember Maddy always running around with a GoPro in hand? Well, West Trek put together a video of our whole Rocky Mountains trip in just a couple of days. And it was pretty cool to see all the fun things we did over the weekend.
Unfortunately, Maddy couldn’t join the reunion right away because of work but when she finally arrived everyone was super excited to see our pack leader again!
The night continued on and we even played something called Buffalo, a super fun drinking game!
Before we knew it, it was already last call and the crowd had thinned. We reluctantly called it a night as well parting from our fellow wolves.
It was really nice meeting everyone again!


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