Here’s another German student who is doing an internship at INTERNeX. My name is Denise and I’m a 19-year-old student of Industrial Management at the DHBW in Karlsruhe. During my time in Vancouver I will support INTERNeX with their PR tasks that means I will be your new PR-Coordinator for the next 3 months. My assignment is to organize the Pub Nights and any other activities.

I just arrived in Vancouver Friday 18th and I already fell in love with this city. I have never been to Canada or the USA before and it’s my first time that I stay away from home for so long. But now I have the chance to pass an amazing practicum at INTERNeX and afterwards I’m going to travel to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and I’m sure this is going to be another gorgeous time. All the while I wanted to go to America. So that’s why I would say that I’m killing two birds with one stone in the next 3 months. Furthermore “[my] life will be other people’s vacation” (at least for the next 12 weeks).

I am looking forward to see all of you. I hope we will have an amazing time and a lot of fun together moreover I hope that I will do my job as well as Amiel did.

See you guys soon,


INTERNeX International Exchange – PR Coordinator

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