Thanksgiving is just around the corner associated with a long weekend. Tonight INTERNeX is celebrating this traditional holiday in the highest restaurant in the city. That means we can enjoy our Thanksgiving Dinner with an amazing panoramic view on the 42nd floor. 20842642862_a0b1884807_bUnfortunately the weather isn’t that good, actually it’s pretty bad. Therefore we are not able to see the gorgeous sunset. Nevertheless I’m pretty sure when the lights turn on in the whole city it’ll be awesome.
On Saturday I’m going to Victoria to explore a part of the beautiful Vancouver Island. Have you been there before? I’m looking forward to go there.
As I’ve heard it’s an amazing city where you can experience a lot. Especially the nightlife is known for the enviable cocktail and beer scene. If you’ve never been to Victoria before I guess it would definitely be worth it. On Monday I’ll have Thanksgiving Dinner with my homestay family. Most of you will certainly celebrate Thanksgiving with their homestay family as well.

But what else could you do on the weekend?
For those of you who love to celebrate one of the most famous German events Harvest House is organizing an Oktoberfest on the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza. It’s the last weekend so don’t miss your chance.
If you are interested in history you shouldn’t miss the Walking Tours hosted by Forbidden Vancouver. “The lost souls of Gastown” is a kind of Halloween adventure so it’s not just for those who are interested in history. Feel the creepy spirit even now.

Have a nice weekend!

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