Yay! It’s Wednesday again, half of the week is almost done and that means it’s time for another PuB NiGHT.

This time we’re going to check out a new bar called The Charles. The bar is located in the heart of Gastown, in the ground floor of the famous Woodward’s building, in 136 West Cordova Street (between Cambie Street and Abbott Street).IMG_1960

Here a little background information about why the Woodward’s building is so famous:

Once the Woodward’s building was North America’s largest shopping center, situated in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and built by Charles Woodward in 1903. First of all the store was famous for its Christmas window displays, its basement Food Floor and the “W” sign at the top of the building. In those days the area of Cordova Street was the primary shopping address in Vancouver. In 1993, Woodward’s went bankrupt and closed doors. During the same time, the area around the Woodward’s building started to decline socially and economically. In 2003 the City of Vancouver started to redevelop the building.

Hope I didn’t bore you too much with this.

See you tonight! We will meet up at 7:30pm, as usual.

By the way have you already seen the FlyOver Canada event on Facebook?

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