Guess what we did last the weekend? The headline is actually already revealing about what we did, right?! IMG_3342Yeees; since it was my last weekend we had a Christmas Dinner in The Old Spaghetti Factory in the heart of Gastown in association with doing Secret Santa. It was so much fun!
Especially after unwrapping the gifts everyone was even more intended on a certain gift.

Okay … First of all I should probably explain the rules. We used dice for exchanging our presents and every ‘dice-number’ had it’s own rule, for instance when you diced #1 everyone had to pass his/her gift to his/her right. That was one of the easier/more boring rules but of course we also had rules, which made the game pretty thrilling. #5 for example: IMG_3338the person who diced could exchange all the presents, which means that you maybe already had your favourite gift but then you ‘lost’ your present. We played 3 rounds with wrapped presents and then another 2 with unwrapped ones. And as I already said: As soon as all presents were unwrapped everyone already had an eye on his/her favourite one and wanted to get that particular gift or wished that he/she wouldn’t get a certain gift … 😀

After the dinner we headed to The Cambie because one of my roommate had her bye-bye party there. Unfortunately the lineup was so long that we decided to go to another pub. Nevertheless we spent a very nice evening at the Steamworks Brew Pub until they closed.


On Sunday we certainly didn’t miss the chance attending at the annual Santa Claus Parade. Even though it was rainy and cold it seemed like all the volunteers and participants had a lot of fun entertaining all the spectators.

The Parade has more than 3,500 participants, over 400 volunteers and attracts around 300,000 spectators to downtown Vancouver every year. More than 60 marching bands, choirs, festive floats, and community groups featured this year’s parade. It’s also one of the largest food and fund raising events for the Food Bank. Since 2004, the Parade has collected $141,800 even though they don’t charge you any admission fee. In my opinion that’s quite impressive, don’t you think?

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