Highlights of the Year 2016: October, November and December

Last but not least the fourth quarter of 2016. I hope you guys had as much fun as I had looking back on all the things we did!


October started of with a trip to the Vancouver Aquarium and a great Thanksgiving dinner at Ten Ten Tapas. We also had a lot of PuB NiGHTS organized. And a special night for Halloween.

October.jpgThe weekend trip of October was a trip to the Rocky Mountains. During this trip we went to the National Parks Jasper and Banff. We also went to Lake Louise, Mount Robson and Colombia Ice Field. We also enjoyed a night out in Banff and enjoyed a night at our Mountain View Cabins with a BBQ party around the bonfire. It was a great trip!

Also that weekend we went to Grouse Mountain for the ones that stayed in Vancouver. We did a great hike on the Grouse Grind and enjoyed the amazing view.


In November we started of with great PuB NiGHTs. We also went to CandyTown in November. It was raining a lot but still lots of fun to enjoy the Christmas spirit already!

In the last week of November a big group of Scandinavians were coming for a few days. The first day was full with orientations and of course a PuB NiGHT. The second day a Stanley Park Tour was planned. And on the last night we had a PuB NiGHT planned in the Blarney Stone. It was a great week!


December was filled with PuB NiGHTs. We had lots of fun at the Met and the Bimini.christmas

On the third Wednesday of December we had a Christmas Party. We first went out for dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, which was great! When we all finished our dinner, we started with Secret Santa, which was lots of fun too! After the dinner and Secret Santa some of us went to the Met to end the night with some karaoke!

A big thank you to Sara, Andreas and Janel for organizing the PuB NiGHTS, events and trips in these months!

We hope you all will have a great New Years Eve and an even greater 2017!

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