What to do on the weekend

Now that it finally stopped snowing, there is no reason to stay inside anymore. This time some of us even got an extra day of weekend, as Monday is Family Day. So get outside and get the most out your extra long weekend!

First of all, there is 24 hours of Winter on Grouse Mountain this weekend. It starts at Saturday and continues till Sunday. During this event you can ski during the day and night together with the INTERNeX family. It will be a totally different experience with skiing for sure! However, there are also a lot of other events such as the Light Walk, snowshoeing and ziplining. Some of us are going to do the Light Walk instead, so if you are not feeling like skiing this weekend, you should definitely join us on the Light Walk.

You don’t feel like seeing any snow after this week? We definitely get that as well! Instead of the 24 hours of Winter, you can also go ice skating at Robson Square for free or $4 if you have to rent some skates. You are able to do this from Friday till Monday. Is ice still too cold for you? Then check out the Second-hand Book Sale at Nikkel National Museum & Cultural Centre in Burnaby between noon and 4 pm.

After all that cold, you should definitely get a hot chocolate during the Hot Chocolate Festival. There are lots of hot chocolates specials throughout Vancouver the whole weekend long. Furthermore, Saturday is the first day of the International Wine Festival in Vancouver. The International Wine Festival contains a lot of events such as auctions, dinners and tastings. After a long week, this may be the perfect way for you to prepare you for next week again. However, if you do not have time for the International Wine Festival this weekend, you can still check it out till the 19th of February.

On Family Day there are also a lot of events such as Family Day at Grouse Mountain and Skiing at Manning Park. At Family Day at Grouse Mountain you get 50% off from the admission to the mountain and at Skiing at Manning Park you also get 50% off on ski and trail tickets. This is a cheap way for you to get active and make the best out of your stay!

Have a great weekend and see you on Grouse Mountain!

– Iris

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