24 Hours of Winter – Experience IT Review

Saturday we went up at Grouse Mountain to experience a winter wonderland, where they celebrated their annual 24 hours of winter. In this weekend Grouse Mountain opened the slopes for 24 hours straight, so if you were up for it, you could go downhill the entire night. Besides skiing and snowboarding for as long as you wanted to, Grouse Mountain also organized other great activities and events. So if you were not a great skier, you could also rent snowshoes and hike on some beautiful trails they offer. Or if you are not a big fan of the snow, you were also able to hit the ice skating rink and show your moves on the ice while a DJ took care of playing some great hits. Besides these fun activities, you were also able to go snow sledding, doing a light walk, go ziplining, do a yoga session, and watch a junior hockey game and many other things!

lighttourMany choices, so decisions had to be made. Because I wanted to check out the slopes on Grouse, I went up a bit earlier to do some snowboarding. But later in the evening it became hard to see anything because of the heavy snowing and I decided to quit. So I parked my snowboard and met the rest of the group on the top of the mountain. After renting some snowshoes with one of us looking like a real pro, we started our journey on the light walk. We were totally amazed by all the lights, music and beautiful trails, we looked like real tourists making pictures of every single thing we saw. Unfortunately the trail came to an end after half an hour.

It was time for some food and drinks, while we were still amazed by all the beautiful things we saw earlier. And because it was still quite early in the evening, we decided to move ourselves to the bonfire besides the ice skating rink. Two of us got so inspired by all the people on the ice; they quickly rented some skates and gave it a try.

After some heating up at the bonfire again, the evening came to an end and we took the gondola downhill, where we got a beautiful view over the city. And that was the perfect way to end the evening with.

I am looking forward to see all of you again tomorrow at PuB NiGHT!

– Tess

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