Review: PuB NiGHT at The Distillery

Last night’s pub night started off at The Distillery and ended in Soho Billiards. So many people joined us last night and thank you all for coming; we had a really good time!

img_1202The Distillery is a bar + kitchen in Yaletown. Its Italian-American styled and part of the Yaletown Brewing Company, which is right next to The Distillery. As the name tells you, they brew their own beer. Through the windows in the back of The Distillery you can see all the barrels in the back, which is pretty cool. The Distillery and Soho Billiards are quite the contrast; The Distillery is pretty fancy and Soho Billiards is way more casual.

We had a very large area in the back with sofas and chairs, which were really comfy. We barely fit in the area since more and more people showed up. However, we managed to fit everybody in and we were all catching up on all the adventures we had and having a good time. Then Brody decided to show off some of his Chiropractor skills and made all of our necks and shoulders feel so much better.

IMG_1213.JPGAround eleven a lot of us wanted to go and play pool, so we decided to move the party to Soho Billiard, where they have loads of pool tables and two groups ended up playing at two different tables. This was my very first time playing pool, so naturally I was terrible in playing pool. It was a lot of fun though and many of you ended up staying there for a long time.

Once again you guys made my night, so thank you for that! I hope to see you again tonight at the concert or next Wednesday at PuB NiGHT!

– Danielle

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