Coquitlam Express Hockey Game – Experience IT Review

Last Friday we went to see a Junior A hockey game. Coquitlam Express played against the King George Spruce Kings. It was an amazing game and thanks to all of you for coming!

Coquitlam Express plays in the British Columbia Hockey League. Junior A is for players aged between 16 to 20 years old and is one level below the Canadian Hockey League.

It is definitely really different from a Canucks game, but it was a great game to watch! We were sitting really close to the rink, which made watching the game a lot more fun. The players were really fast and sometim16998697_10155035298992103_2894308372378493389_n.jpges even pushing each other to the glass sides to get the puck. There was something happening every single minute, even during the breaks. During the first break they did a racing match with two boys from the audience and during the second break they played a game with frisbees to win money. During the breaks some of us also bought hotdogs, as this is the tradition while watching a hockey game. The teams were equally good in the beginning of the game, but after the first period the Spruce Kings became better and made some more goals. The final score was Coquitlam 1 – Prince George 4.

It was the first hockey game for many of us. Therefore, it was sometimes a bit hard to understand what happened on the field in the beginning. However, it was a very good preparation for our Canucks game next month!

We had an amazing night and hope that you all did too! I hope to see you Wednesday on PuB NiGHT.

– Janel

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