Review: Whistler trip

IMG_1729This weekend we went on our monthly trip to Whistler! We met up at Tim Horton’s at 7:45 AM, which was super early so luckily we could get our breakfast and coffee there. Since we are a big group Tess could check us all in at the same time and we didn’t have to stand in line, so we could all sit next to each other which is always way more fun than being divided. The Sea to Sky Highway was truly a beautiful view and our tour guide Gabrielle told us a lot of things about our surroundings which was a great addition. We had a stop at Shannon Falls, a beautiful waterfall in Squamish where some Twilight scenes were filmed.

IMG_1816.JPGAfter the stop we continued our journey to Whistler and we arrived there around 10:45 AM. We got a walking tour around the village and our tour guide told us where we needed to be for each activity. After that everybody went their own way. Zack, Iris, Tess, Kristina, Larissa and I went for a little walk around a frozen river, where we had some adventures in the snow. We ended up losing Tess, Kristina and Larissa, so we were having a little photoshoot with the three of us. After that we decided to have lunch at The Furniture Warehouse, one of those amazing $5 dollar for a meal places, and apparently we all had the same thought, because everyone had lunch there apart from each other.

17572128_1596970726997289_1157462316_oAfter lunch we went to The Brewhouse, where we had a hot drink in front of the fireplace. Then Zack went off to have fun at the tube park and Iris and I went to go bungee jumping. It’s was so scary but also the most exciting thing we’ve ever done. Sarah, Merle, Sol, Pablo and Niclas went for ziplining and they had a great time too. They even got to rent a GoPro and took some amazing shots. Tess, Kristina and Larissa decided to go to the Ice Bar for a vodka tasting where they were put in $1.500 jackets to survive the cold. They weren’t allowed to lick the walls because their tongues would get stuck on there, which disappointed them a little. But luckily you can actually taste the real flavour of vodka in -32˚, so they got a whole new experience as well.

After all the activities it was time to get on the bus back to Vancouver and everybody got to exchange their stories. We had a lot of fun and judging by your stories you did too, so thank you all for joining us!

– Danielle

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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