What to do on the weekend?

Yay! Just a few hours left and it will be weekend again! Although it is rainy and cloudy today, it’ s supposed to be quite sunny this weekend so enough outdoors activities to do!

On Saturday morning we will go to Lighthouse Park to start the weekend of with some exercise. The views are amazing from that area so we hope to see you come along! For details please click here.

Because it is supposed to get sunny I would advise you to go outside! Go up to Grouse grousemountainMountain for example. I did this last weekend and the views were absolutely amazing. You are still able to go skiing by the Eagle Express. Besides that the grizzly bears Grinder and Coola who live in a habitat on the mountain, woke up from their hibernation period. They are in full action again and you are able to take a look at them. So it is definitely worth your money to go up the mountain!

From May 6 to May 13 it is Bird Week in Vancouver. This is a weeklong series of events to celebrate the birds of Vancouver. During this week there will be bird-related workshops, walks, talks, exhibitions and lectures across Vancouver. You don’t need to be a bird fanatic for this one, also if you just like the outdoors you are welcome to join. Best part is that most of the events are free, so check out their website to see if something suits you.

On Sunday the annual BMO Vancouver Marathon is happening. This is a really big event, which goes all across the city. Because of the marathon on Sunday there is a free Health & Sports Expo in the Vancouver Convention Centre till 6pm on Saturday. When you want to catch all the action at the finish line, you have to go to West Pender Street between Bute and Thurlow Street. There is also a Street Festival located on West Hastings between Bute and Burrard Street. Check out all the events and details on their website 🙂

Have a great and shiny weekend everyone!

– Tess

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