INTERNeX Explorer Ep4 – 2017 behind the scenes

The fourth episode is already online for a week again, so we wanted to give you a little peak behind the scenes. It gets easier and easier every time. Since I now know how to make the scripts, do the filming, the voice-overs and editing.

April was the month of the big Rockies trip. Since we always make after movies of the trips we do, I also needed to develop a video of the Rockies. This was a rough part for me to do, because there was so much material and we had so many great moments there. It makes it hard to choose what material you want to feature in the episode. So once I was done there was a video of about 3 minutes, which is way too long. With a little pain in my heart I started deleting and cutting scenes. I hope it still captures the experience we had in the Rockies and you like it.

Another challenge was that Danielle was not here for filming since her family was visiting her, which is amazing of course! When I was writing the scripts I didn’t realise this though, so I just made a script for her. When I found out she wasn’t here we had to change fast, which meant I was suddenly in front of the camera. So in this episode you may see my face quite a lot.

On the other hand I had so much fun making this video again. Especially wheninternexexplorerapril I had to go on a little fieldtrip in North Vancouver with Iris. After taking the sea bus we first decided to have some ice cream, because you can’t film on an empty stomach. Besides that it was such a beautiful day, which made filming and walking around not a problem at all. We took a little advantage of it and had some lunch outside in the sun. It probably was the best “office-day” of the entire month, especially because when we got back Danielle’s boyfriend arrived and we went to the Lamplighter with all the colleagues to celebrate.

If you haven’ t seen the episode yet, you can see the video below.

Hope to see you all in The Pint tomorrow!

– Tess

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-


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