Review: Bowen Island Trip

Yesterday we went on our monthly trip to Bowen Island! We met up at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal at 9:30 AM, which was really early after the party the night before. We all bought our tickets and got on the boat to the island that would leave at 10 AM.

When we arrived on the island we first went to the visitor centre. It was a small cute house on the side of the road with lots of maps and business cards of businesses on the island. The woman that was there told us about hiking trails and beautiful places on the island to see.

18446992_10155296361297103_7988025318680079715_n.jpgAs some of us wanted to go on a scooter drive around the island they called the company and there were still scooters left! We walked one street up and waited for the woman to come and give us the scooters. We first got a whole demo on how to use a scooter, because one of us had never driven one before. After the demo, signing the waivers and paying we finally started our drive over the island. First we went to the lighthouse beach and relaxed there for a little while. Then we went to the golf club to see the other side of the island. After that we went to Killarney lake and made some beautiful pictures. As we had still time left on our scooters we followed the road further and saw the third side of the island. It was amazing to drive through the rainforest and see the whole island on the scooters.

18518404_10155296361302103_5384719679776982194_o.jpgThe other group decided to go for a hike to Killarney lake instead. As it did not take long to get to the lake and it was going so much faster than expected, we decided to go around the lake as well. The nature along the way was amazing. You could really see the rain forest climate back on the island, as it was wet everywhere and you could see so much green. After a while it was time to eat something, so we stopped along the way and found a nice spot next to the water. When we all filled our stomaches, we had enough energy to continue our journey and went to the next recommendation. We followed the Kallarney creek trail to the Bridal Falls and fish ladder, where we made some beautiful pictures. Our last stop on the hike was the rock next to the lagoon. Here you had a great viewing point over the lagoon and the island.

After hiking and driving the scooter we all met up close to the ferry terminal and had some rest on the grass. A few of us took the 4 PM boat back, as they still had to take the bus back from Horseshoe Bay for quite a long time. Others relaxed or had some food, and stayed for one more hour.

We had an amazing day and we hope you all did too! Thank you for joining us!

– Janel and Iris

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