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As some of you may know, my parents visited me in May and we went on a road trip on Vancouver Island. Although we had many amazing moments, one stood out by far for me: surfing in Tofino.

I already wanted to go surfing for years, but the moment never came until the idea did arise on our way to Tofino, which is kind of the surfing Walhalla around here. So I called the Tofino Surf School and they were immediately able to book me in on an afternoon class. I was so stoked to do this, but once I booked it I was also kind of creeped out because I saw those massive waves earlier that day and me being a 1.65 cm girl would easily get washed away by it. But there was no turning back now, so I showed op for my surf class at 4 pm.

Once I was in the office I was provided with some boots and a wetsuit, which is the hardest thing to get on (later on I found out this was nothing compared to the wet thing I needed to get off after class, which was really the hardest thing ever). We were ready to go and drove behind our surf teacher who had all the boards with him.

When we got to the beach I chose a nice red surfboard and thought it was lighter then I surfing1imagined. Though, once I saw the long path I still needed to take to the beach while carrying my board, I was already kind off exhausted before I even got to surf. But we managed eventually and we were ready to surf! It was not that simple and after the instructions on how to stand up, we first needed to do these steps with our boards on the beach, which felt really awkward and funny. So I was paddling and paddling… through the sand and managed to get up at the first time! Just joking, that is easy with that surface of course.

But I was ready and our teacher sent us of in the ocean. I was scared it would be really surfing2cold, but once I was in I was actually sweating in the water if that is even possible. I really got to experience how high and strong those waves are and it really made me speechless how strong nature is. I was ready to roll with it with my board. So I was paddling and paddling… and got up at the first time! No joke! It was so amazing to just get along with the wave while you get to see beautiful nature surrounding it. After that I got up a few times more, which was just amazing. After that I kind of got too excited and tired, so I started making mistakes and I couldn’t stand up anymore. It came to an end and I thanked my teacher for the great lesson, while already feeling sore in my entire body. You don’t really feel it while surfing because you are just in a rush, but it is such a workout and I had sore muscles for at least three days!

Despite all that soreness it was just great and I would always remember it! I also think if surfing3you just love something and you may be able to do it, just go for it. So I just got out of the Discover Canada Tours office to book my next trip to Tofino with Iris. I am really happy I am going to improve my skills on those waves and to make new memories while surfing!

So guys little advise here; do the things you always wanted to do while you may still be able to do them! And go surfing, surfing is just great. Our PuB NiGHTS too, so I hope to see you tonight!

– Tess

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