How was your weekend?

I can imagine everybody is sitting in front of the computer, refreshing the wordpress page from INTERNeX and hoping for the new ‘How was your weekend’ blog post. Good news. Here it is. So sit back and enjoy my adventures of this weekend.

It all started Friday after work when I went to Steamworks to eat diner. After the nice guy who was sitting next to me paid my food, I went to Nuba in Yaletown where I met some other candidates. We went to Granville where half of the group wanted to eat something first, the other half including me went to Donnellans as the beginning of the pub-crawl. After the group was complete again, we wanted to go to the next pub. But instead of going to the next pub, we ran into a lady who gave us free tickets for Studio, a club on Granville. That meant the pub-crawl was over and the club night began. After a few hours, we decided to check out Cambiebar. Instead of Cambiebar, we ended up in the Metropole. Not singing a song, because there was no karaoke this night.


The next day it was time to go to the Richmond Night Market. When we arrived, we saw a big line in front of the entrance. But luckily a lady came to us and sold us a $25 dollar ticket to skip the line. Inside we had so many choices for food it was hard to decide what to eat. After our meals we checked out the other non-food area and the fair. We decided to end the day in the Bourbon where we enjoyed our cheap-happy-hour drinks.

Sunday some people wanted to jump at the trampoline park. I doubted to go, but because it was raining and I was very tired, I decided to stay home today and watch a movie instead. It was a very relaxing Sunday.

Hope you all had a good weekend as well and hope to see everybody Wednesday at PuB NiGHT.

– Bart

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