Zack AloisoI am Zack Aloisio, 21 years old and I am from Melbourne Australia. I am studying a Bachelor of International Business. I decided to come to Canada to experience a different part of the world and for cultural and business practices.

I found Internex through an agency who got me in touch with them. I am participating in the practicum program of Internex. I choose this program to give me experience in my future field of employment and to increase my employability.

I am placed at a company where we recruit firm working on both local and Zack Aloisio (words)international recruitment. It is an amazing group of people in an interesting workplace where you work with a variety of countries. I think characteristics and skills you need to be successful here are: adaptability, ability to work independently and be detail oriented. I am convinced this experience gives me invaluable hands on experience.

When I first came here I first stayed in an AirBnB and then found an apartment through Craigslist. My first impression of Vancouver was that it is a friendly city, with lots of nature close by. I think it is a slower paced, laid back city and very welcoming.

The Internex PR-team organises activities, trips and pub nights and I think their amazing, so good job PR-team! I visited a lot of pub nights, went hiking and I went to the Rockies, Whistler and Squamish. The most memorable thing I did in Canada so far is the Rockies trip.

Internex was helpful for me to get connected with a group of other excited people to explore the city, which is great when you don’ t know anyone. I would definitely recommend their services.

This trip definitely inspired me to travel more and I would like to go to Europe. When I get back home I will catch up with my friends and family and go back to university again.

– Zack

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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