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Knock Knock…. Who is there?….. It’s the ghost of HALLOWEEN! Yes people, that’s right, it’s just only 3 weeks until Halloween. That means houses will be decorated again, people will dress up, kids will go trick or treating and parties will be held. Since dressing up has been fun ever since we were kids ( let’s be honest probably everybody dressed up when they were a child) a lot of you are may considering to buy a Halloween costume. To help you out a bit and to also make sure that you save some money to spend during the amazing Halloween party, we listed down some Halloween costume shops where you can buy fun and cheaper costumes.

Value Village

Value Village is a Halloween costume shop located at E Hastings St and Victoria Drive. They are the perfect store for people who do want to buy a costume but are on a budget. They have a selection of second hand costumes and a lot of D.I.Y. tips.

They are open from 9 am to 10 pm everyday, except Sunday, when opening is at 10 am.

Just Imagine Costumes

Just Imagine is a store located on Granville Island in the Kids Market. They do not really have a lot of cheap costumes but they do have some costumes on sale which are a pretty good deal.

They are open from 10 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week.


Seasonal Halloween stores

When Halloween is coming closer there are also a lot of stores opening and selling Halloween stores. Those are most of the times only open for the season but you might also want to check out Shoppers Drug Market, Rexall, London Drugs, Dollarama, Dollartree etc.

Do it yourself

And if you are a very crafty person D.I.Y. is always a good thing to do, just buy a white t-shirt cut some holes in it and add some fake blood and you are good to go!

Hope you all will join us next Saturday during our own Halloween shopping!

– Mandy

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International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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