Kristina RoederMy name is Kristina Roeder and I’m 20 years old. I am from Aachen in Germany and I’m also studying in Aachen. My studies include German literature, linguistics and philosophy and I’m a fourth semester student.

Exploring Canada was on my bucket list for a really long time. I saw a lot of amazing photographs of the countryside and heard just positive things about Canadians beforehand and I can say that my expectations were really not disappointing. The nature and especially the Rocky Mountains are just amazing and I’m really glad that I chose Canada and Vancouver.

A German agency gave me the INTERNeX contact information and after my first Skype meeting with Timothy I was sure that I was going to make use of the INTERNeX services. My internship company was really good and the weekend trips and Pub Nights were amazing.

I did an internship at a theatre and I enjoyed it. The team was really nice and it was good getting a look into the company and their work. I chose doing an internship, because it had to do it for my studies. I worked as a marketing intern and learned a lot about marketing strategies and public relations. I really liked the company and the people working there. It was a good experience and I’m glad that I got the chance getting to know the company and a bit about marketing.

To be successful at the company I interned, you have to work independently. The peopleKristina Roeder (words) working there don’t always have time to come to your desk and give you a new job. So you should find useful things to do on your own sometimes or go to them and ask them for a project you can help them with.

My practicum was a part of my university studies and it was really useful for that. It was useful for my career goals as well and besides that a great personal experience.

I lived in a homestay in South Vancouver with three other students and my host mum, who I liked really much. The only negative aspect was, that my room didn’t had a window, but it was still good living there. INTERNeX helped me finding the homestay.

During my first weekend in Vancouver I was a bit homesick, but after making new friends and going on weekend trips I was fine.

My first impression about Vancouver was as good as my last impression. Vancouver is a beautiful city and it was a pleasure living there, even if it was just for three months. I’m sure that it was not my last trip to Vancouver.

I joined nearly every pub night during my stay in Vancouver and each one was so much fun. I joined the Kelowna weekend trip and lots of other day trips. Each trip was amazing and I’m glad I got to see a lot of beautiful places and got to know amazing people. Iris, Tess, Danielle and Janel did a great job! I visited nearly everything you can visit in Vancouver and also Kelowna, Whistler, Banff, Jasper and Seattle.

I love the combination of living in a big city and living so close to such a stunning nature. Canadians are incredibly kind and polite, which is really strange at the beginning if you’re from Germany.

My personal highlight was my Rocky-Mountain-trip with my dad during my stay in Canada. We walked on frozen lakes, did snow walks and walked through the Rockies. We took the “Banff Gondola“ and I had the most stunning view in my life so far.

This experience definetely inspired me to travel more! After my studies I want to travel again for a longer time and I want to go to New Zealand. The first thing I did when I arrived home was visiting my family and friends and I slept a lot to conquer my jet lag…

– Kristina

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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