How was your weekend?

Rain, sun, snow – I have seen it all this weekend!

The weekend started Friday earlier than usual: it was time for my first skiing day in Canada. We met at noon to take a bus to Mount Seymour where it still had snowed in the morning. Perfect conditions for us! After only 15 minutes driving, we could already spot the first snow on the trees. Ski, snowboard or snowshoes – everybody could choose himself how to get down the mountain. The weather was fine for most of the time,so we could enjoy the downhill runs to the fullest. After eating a burger in the mountain canteen, it became suddenly dark outside and we continued skiing under floodlights next to the slopes. From the very top, we even saw the city with all its lights.sdr

City and nature are so close by in Vancouver, amazing! In the bus back, I saw many happy faces, so I hope you had a great time, too. I am already looking forward to the next skiing adventure.  Thank you for joining us!

Saturday morning my alarm went off early, because the next adventure waited already. We picked up a car in the city center (renting a car is not that expensive here, so you can definitely do that when sharing the costs) and drove to Coquitlam. Destination: the davCrystal Falls. We found them! It took us about an hour of hiking, crossing trees, puddles and trickles until we reached the waterfall. Even though it rained the entire time and our clothes were as wet as the waterfall itself, it was a really cool trip. The forest around this area looks wonderful. Some spots look really magical and not even real. After hiking back again, everybody was hungry. The pizza was not even at our table yet, when the sun showed up. Of course!

So, we spontaneously continued our trip. Next destination was an abandoned hospital near Coquitlam. In a huge area, several great buildings are empty since years. We tried to spot some ghosts, but they were not at home unfortunately. Final destination of this digday trip was the Burnaby Mountain. From the top of this mountain, we could enjoy the sunset above Vancouver. We could also see the slopes on Mt. Seymour where we skied just a day ago. What an awesome view! If you have a car available once, you should visit Burnaby mountain. We brought the car back to the city, but the day was not over yet. A long night was just starting. Everyone made just a quick stop at our houses to change to dry clothes and warm up. Some drinks and games at Relish later, I finally got to know the famous Roxy’s. I already heard some stories about great nights at this venue before and I was not disappointed at all. The combination of live and club music was fantastic, so we danced until the lights switched on again.

Since the last days have been quite busy, I enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday. I used the free morning to skype with my parents, which were also curious about my first week in Canada. The rest of the day passed by fast with shopping, washing and cooking.

What a great weekend, I really had a good one with some of you! I am happy to hear about other weekend adventures at the next PuBNiGHT.

– Kerstin

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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