How was your weekend?

My weekend? Great. Active. Short. Sunny. Full of snow.

As all of you surely know, last Thursday was the National Margarita Day. Of course, we had to celebrate this important event. Therefore, we went to “La Casita” on Friday, a Spanish restaurant in Gastown, where you can get a huge margarita (so big that you can easily share it with two or three people) in different flavours for only $24.

Saturday was a perfect winter day: sun and snow in whole Vancouver. Great conditions for a hike! The destination this time was the Norvan Falls in the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. The whole park was covered in a thick layer of fluffy snow. We hiked forhike 2 week5.jpg about five hours along a river and up the mountains, always surrounded by beautiful scenery. Since the sun was up and started melting the snow, the hike became a game whenever a little snow avalanche fell down from the trees. When does it come down? Who’s head is getting hit next? But we managed all slippery stairs and other obstacles successfully. After a quick stop at home to get some dry clothes and a hot shower, it was already time to leave again.

Many familiar faces found their way to the escape room. My team and I gave the best to solve all the tricky riddles to escape from the zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, time was running out, so we could not open the door ourselves. To calm down from all the stress, we headed off to Malone’s for a beer or two. The final stop of the night was the Roxy.

Only a few hours later, my alarm went off again. I jumped in my ski pants and headed out to the science world skytrain station where already some people were waiting with their skies on their shoulders. It looked funny since there was almost no snow anymore cypress week 5in downtown. The bus took us to Cypress Mountain, one of the local mountains of Vancouver. After a few minutes of skiing in the clouds, the sun started to shine. The weather changed so quickly up there, it was crazy! While skiing and snowboarding, we had a stunning view over Vancouver and surrounding from the top. The day passed by quickly, so it was already dark when we returned our rentals and stepped back in the bus. Enjoying a full day on the slopes on a casual Sunday is definitely something I can get used to!

So I am starting off this week with sore muscles, but great memories. I hope that you also had a great weekend. Time to make plans for the upcoming ones during our PuB NiGHT at The Beaver Bar on Wednesday.

 See you there!

 – Kerstin

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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