How was your weekend?

Living in a house on an island in the middle of nowhere with an awesome group of people. Far away from the big city life, any Starbucks, McDonalds and Skytrain stations. But close to trees, birds and the sea. Sounds crazy? It was!

Everyone found the way to the ferry terminal of Tsawwassen on Friday afternoon, ready to start this adventure. The award for the biggest luggage goes to… Bart (who carried our food)! Two hours on the water passed by quickly with fun stories until we arrived on Salt Spring Island. Let’s get back to nature! That is exactly the feeling I had when we drove to our house. Hidden between the trees, we found our accommodation for the weekend. A huge wooden house with everything you could wish for: a big kitchen, a cozy living room, bedrooms with a view, luxurious bathrooms and all this surrounded by a terrace with a hot tub. Perfect! Once everyone explored the house, we settled in and prepared delicious spaghetti. With full bellies, the evening could start off with games and drinks. After a few exhausting games, it was time to relax. What could be a better spot to rest than a hot tub? Well, it was quite ‘cozy’ with 12 people in one hot tub and definitely fun! What a great night!

Salt Spring week 6

Rise and shine, the next day started. The sunshine outside promised a lovely day. For some, it was harder to get out of the bed than for others, but we all managed. After we strengthened ourselves with breakfast, we explored the island with a small hike. We walked through a park where we spotted some fairytale doors in the trees and had a nice view over the forests of Salt Spring Island. We ended up having lunch in a park next to the city center of Ganges, a cute place with lovely stores.

The next activity was a tasting of Salt Spring’s famous Wild Cider. Surrounded by nature, we learned more about ciders and we tried ten different kinds, from dry to sweet ones. The sun was shining, so we could even take off our jackets. Back at the house, it was already time for dinner. The burgers were quickly prepared and even quicker eaten. The night continued with driving a bus, destroying the circle of death or trying to get plastic balls into cups.

Salt Spring week 6-2.jpgWhat a lovely view I had when waking up on Sunday: trees and sun! The view inside of the house was not that promising, as the last night left its traces. But as teamwork makes the dream work, the living room was soon shining again. So, Sunday started off easy with some fresh pancakes and fun stories of last night. Lucky as we were, we could get two of the three taxis that are available on the island. This time, the sun deck on the ferry earned its name and we could enjoy beautiful views on the way back to Vancouver.

I really had a good time with you and I am already looking forward to our next trip to the Rockies. See you on Wednesday to share all the fun stories of the weekend during our PuB NiGHT.

– Kerstin

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