Fun Fact Friday

Whether you have been living here in Vancouver for a day, a week, a month or even a year, you probably do not know everything about the city just yet. But that’s OK, we are here to help! Today we will mention a few fun facts about the city that will blow your mind!

1. Hollywood of the North

Assuming that you have watched Netflix before, did you know that one of the shows you are binge-watching might be filmed here in Vancouver? What many people do not know, is that the city is called the ‘Hollywood of the North’. Vancouver is ranked second in TV production and third in feature film production in North America. First in TV Production and feature film production is, not surprisingly, Los Angeles and second in feature film production is New York City.

Most TV shows and movies filmed here are American, for example The Flash, Arrow and the new show Life Sentence. Well-known movies that have been filmed here are the Twilight and Percy Jackson series, If I Stay and Apollo 18. Awesome, right?!

2. Dolphin and Whale Watching39954296885_3fe6ca9409_n

Every now and then, people spot dolphins and whales in the waters around the city. There are lots of whale watching tours in and around the city to choose from and honestly, if you have the opportunity to see these animals in the wild, why not take it?! This event will for sure create the most wonderful story for your family and friends when you go back home!

3. Kits Pool

Kitsilano Pool, located near Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver, is the longest pool in Canada. It is 137 meters long and the only heated, salt-water pool in Vancouver. It is divided into three sections; a section for families with little kids, one for visitors who would like to exercise and a deeper section for teenagers and adults. It is a popular place to visit considering the pool provides visitors with a breath-taking view of Kitsilano Beach and the ocean. What makes it even more amazing is that tickets are only 3 to 6 dollars (depending on your age)! Definitely put this pool on your bucket list for this Summer!

I hope you enjoyed reading some fun facts about the city. Knew any of them already? Great! You can call yourself a real Vancouverite!

See you soon!

– Angy

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