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Dear ski and snowboard fans, April is just about to start which means that the winter sports season is nearly over… So, take the last chances to grab your skis or your snowboard and hit the slopes. Since a day on the mountain can be quite expensive, here are some tips and tricks to save some money.

cypress week 5

Before you take the gondola up the mountain, it is worth checking the website There is often a broad range of offers for discounted lift tickets, if you buy them in advance. Sometimes, there are even great discounts that include rentals already. Another website that has some good offers is Currently, you can score a deal for rentals on Grouse Mountain, for example.

Mount Seymour is offering a special offer called ‘Carload Wednesday’. You can ski on Wednesday nights for only $99 per car. So, if five people fit in the car, you only pay less than $20 per person for the lift ticket. Hiring a car is not that expensive in Vancouver, so if you gather some people, it can be totally worth it! No panic for those without a driver’s license: you can check out the Facebook group ‘Seymour Mountain Rideshare’ where people are offering rides for a small fee.

If you want to head to Cypress Mountain, which is my personal favourite by the way, you can take a shuttle bus from downtown for only $20 (students) or $22 (adults) for a round trip. The bus takes you directly to the ski resort, very convenient!

A must-do trip for all skiing fans is of course the famous resort Blackcomb in Whistler. Here, it is worth it to buy a lift ticket beforehand online via their website You can save the most if you purchase the tickets more than a week in advance. So, plan ahead and score a good deal!

Last but not least, it is also worth it to check out shops that offer winter sports supply. At the end of the season, many clothes and skiing supplies are on discounted sale now. This is your chance to already get new gear for the next season!

There are many ski and snowboard fans in our INTERNeX crew, so why not team up and go on a day trip together? I hope that you can score some good deals and enjoy the beautiful mountains on your ski or snowboard!

See you at tonight’s PuB NiGHT at Malone’s!

– Kerstin

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