Winter in the Rockies: Part 2

Sunday was a day full of sightseeing, including many ‘wow’ moments and a hurting hand from taking millions of pictures. How come you might ask? Well, here’s the story:

We left the hotel early in the morning by bus to spent some time on Lake Louise. Yes, you read it right, ON Lake Louise. The lake that is especially famous in Summer for its turquoise coloured water was completely frozen. This made it possible to not only walk over, but also skate on it. All the snow that covered the ice, the mountains and the trees additionally made it look even more like a winter wonderland.

Back on the bus. Next stop: Johnston Canyon. Located in Banff’s National Park, we walked through the canyon along catwalks. Some parts were quite slippery due to the ice, so we had to pick up a few people from the ground. Johnston Canyon has two waterfalls to marvel at, but time allowed us to look at the Lower Falls ‘only’.

The next stop on our sightseeing tour was testing our fear of heights a bit. The Banff Gondola brought us within 11 minutes up to a platform that allowed us to see the surrounding mountains. It was snowing a bit and there were clouds, but we still enjoyed the beauty of it. After lunch, we took the Gondola down again. It was time to soak in the hot springs! The hot water made us feel more than relaxed and we all felt warm and cozy when returning to the bus.

Emerald Lake was the next place we went to. Unfortunately, we could not see the beautiful, emerald water as the name promised (how could we expect this during winter..?), but we had fun anyway. There was a lot of snow on the ice and we all sank in it once or twice. And what else to do when there is a lot of snow? Of course: a snowball fight.

Then, It was finally time to get to our accommodation for the night, wooden cabins in Golden. Shortly after our arrival, we could pretend to be kids again by doing an Easter Egg Hunt. We all gathered around the campfire, warmed ourselves up, shared talks and played the game ‘Werewolf’. When it got dark, our tour guide had the amazing idea of doing a night hike through the forest. Fun, some of us even got lost. The evening ended with a big party in the barn, including limbo and a Lip Sync Battle. The highlight: everyone dancing to Gangnam Style.

Monday, 8am. What, the trip is almost over again? How is this even possible? Well, time flies when you’re having fun, as Angy already mentioned. So, we all packed our stuff, had breakfast and sat in the bus again. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round… We were welcomed with wonderful weather in Kelowna, the perfect place to have lunch. And three hours further with the bus, we were in deep snow again. Time for the brave ones to do the Polar Roll. You put on your swimwear and roll yourself in the snow. Brrrh, far too cold for me, but congratulations to all of you who did it! Only three more hours and we are back in Vancouver. We used the time to play Bus Olympics and the DJ Battle.

I had the most wonderful time in the Rockies and enjoyed it to the fullest – I hope you feel the same way!

– Nadine

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International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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