Candidate exposé – Rieke Wilkens

Hello, my name is Rieke. I am 18 years old and from Germany. In my future I am planning to work as an event manager.

Canada is a beautiful country with a lot of different places and nature. For my mom it was also important that it is safe where I am going. I did a practicum for three months in Canada. I chose it because it leaves a good mark on my CV for the future. I really enjoyed my practicum. The people were very nice!

kanada rieke

I worked at a non-profit organization that focuses on sports and organizes events as well. I enjoyed working at the museum because I could speak a lot of English and I talked to many different people. To work at the museum it is important to be friendly to every customer.

I lived in a homestay in Richmond. INTERNeX placed me there. My first impression of Vancouver was amazing! All the people from different cultures, the high buildings and all the parks in the middle of the city. Now I am back in Germany and it feels like a dream to see all the pictures I took, because it surprises me every time.

I attended many of the pub nights and trips. I’ve been with INTERNeX to Victoria for example. The trips were always a lot of fun! I’ve also done a lot of hiking! Deep cove, the grouse grind, Lighthouse Park, Lynn Canyon and Joffre Lake were amazing. The longest trip I did was to the Rocky Mountains. With INTERNeX I took the ferry to Victoria and we went to Whistler and did the bungee jump together as well. In Vancouver I’ve been to Stanley Park, Gastown and English Bay Beach for example. An activity that everyone has to do when they come to Vancouver is definitively watching an ice hockey game, which I did as well.

I liked spending a lot of time and going on trips with the people from INTERNeX. The Rocky Trip was also a highlight of my journey. My only difficulty was that the legal age is 19 in Vancouver. So I couldn’t go to every pub night and go out in the evening. The most memorable thing was the trip to the Rockies.Rieke

The first thing I did when I was back in Germany was eating German food.

This trip inspired me to travel more because I met a lot of people from different countries and they told me a lot about their culture. Maybe I will go to Brazil and visit my Brazilian friends.

INTERNeX helped me find accommodation and a lot of friends through the weekly pub nights. I would definitely recommend the service to others.

– Rieke Wilkens

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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