Fun Fact Friday

This weekend, the world celebrates Earth Day. As you surely have noticed already, Vancouver is full of nature too. So, let me tell you some fun facts about the green areas in this beautiful city.

Have you ever heard about the Dude Chilling Park? That is the actual name of a sdrpark located in the Mount Pleasant area. It all started off as a prank when in 2012 the local artist Viktor Briestensky created a sign with this name on it. The Vancouver Park Board staff removed it, but an online petition with 1,800 signatures saved the sign eventually. Since 2014, it is back as a celebration of the unique community in the neighbourhood. This park is definitely worth a trip to take a cool picture in front of the sign.

There are many parks spread over the entire city. The most famous one is also the biggest one. Exactly, Stanley Park. It is even bigger than Central Park in New York and offers beautiful sceneries. When walking around, you might see some of the many animals that are living in Stanley Park. All grey squirrels actually have American roots. In 1909, New York City gave eight pairs of grey squirrels to Vancouver, so all of the grey squirrels in Stanley Park today are descended from these American pairs.

Another natural highlight in and especially around Vancouver is of course the ocean and its coastline. Wherever you plan a trip, you can choose diverse great spots near water. The total length of the coastline including the islands in British Columbia is 27,200 kilometres. Is that much? As a comparison, the length of the Earth at the equator is 40,075 kilometres, so not even twice that long. Pretty amazing!

Enjoy your weekend!

– Kerstin

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