A new face in the PR-Team


It was no usual start of the week for me. Not a usual weekend either. Last weekend I arrived and this Monday I started a new chapter of my life here in Vancouver.

To be more precise: From this week on until the end of August, I’ll be joining the INTERNeX PR-Team. But first things first: My name’s Elisabeth, I’m 21 years old and coming from Germany – sorry, nothing very exotic.

Back in Germany I am studying International Business Management and this practicum here in Canada is a mandatory part of my studies. It might sound like I am forced to be here – that’s absolutely not true. Ever since little-me discovered that there is more to the wide world than the things just in front of my house, I wanted to come to Canada and see the country of snowcapped mountains, emerald green lakes, and endlessly long rivers and forests. I wanted to come to Vancouver the city of which the quality of live is incomparable and diverse cultures are as normal as the sun rising in the morning. I wanted to escape the daily life from home and jump into more and more adventures.

But at first I didn’t make it that far. The first time I left home for a longer period of time was after I finished school. I spend 8 months in the beautiful city of Bournemouth. That is in the south of the UK – white sand, palm trees and loads of fun. YES – IN THE UK. Then, last summer I moved to western Germany to do a practicum and this winter I returned to the UK. To a small city in the north of England to complete a semester abroad for my economic studies. Not that much fun, tbh. And now I am here in Vancouver.

But still, it is a totally new experience to be here, and I am so excited to contribute to the work of INTERNeX and, of course, have a great time!

I guess I will meet y’all soon – yes, its PuB NiGHT on Wednesday!

– Elisabeth

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-
Web: http://www.internexcanada.com
Email: pr@internexcanada.com


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