How was your weekend?

Oh Canada! 🇨🇦🎶 Happy 151th Birthday and a huge thanks for the long weekend you gave us. It was great to have three days to relax, spend time with friends and enjoy the excitement about the True North. 👍🍁 So, what did I do?

I started my weekend off on Friday with our INTERNeX event. We watched the Baseball match Vancouver Canadians vs Salem-Keizer Volcanoes in the Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium.  42466192184_aaaa776d29_nIt was the first Baseball match I ever watched and I have to say it took me some time to fully understand the specific rules. But after patient explanations by Billy and Samuel and observing the field, I was able to follow the game. In the end “our team” (the Vancouver Canadians) won. The three hours we spent at the stadium got us freezing and the majority was ready to head home and get some rest. The 50 minute-journey home turned into a nightmare ride of 1.5 hours, because the Skytrain seemed to be experiencing some operational/technical problems. But in the end I arrived safely and happily.

On Saturday I went shopping. It was time to get some supplies for Canada Day which was celebrated on Sunday. The afternoon I spent in Stanley Park and I tried my first Poutine! Absolutely delicious, but definitely not something I could eat on a daily basis. 😉 In the evening we celebrated Nadine’s birthday with a small group at the Bourbon which was a lot of fun. 🎉

And then it was already Sunday. It was the 151th anniversary of Canada and like each year there were celebration all over the country. Different options to celebrate this special day could be found all over Vancity. INTERNeX decided to join the biggest celebration, which was at Canada Place.
41373994940_708a55f554_nWe met at 4.30 pm and watched the life performance by Jojo Mason. I really enjoyed the songs and covers he performed. His attitude was just so positive! And as he sang the national anthem, everything somehow stopped. Nothing but his voice filled the air and you could hear the Vancouverites sing along with pride. It felt as if the world stood still. Just for a moment. I definitely got goosebumps.

After he finished his last song, we went to get some food from the food trucks. The group somehow split up and I settled down at the steps down at the Olympic cauldron with a small group of people and we were waiting for the fireworks. Unfortunately, it started raining and we had to move. It took us ages to find a coffee-house that was open and not totally packed. So, once we found one, we already had to leave again, to be on time for the fireworks. At 10.30pm the fireworks started and lasted for around 20 minutes. 41373970840_f54bca9152_nIt was really beautiful and shapes like smileys and hearts lit up the sky over Coal Harbour. After that, it was a real struggle getting home, because it felt like the entire population of Vancouver was at Canada Place and now tried to get home. The line for the Expo Line was several hundred metres long. But I succeeded and once I got on the train I got home quite quickly.

The Monday was a day to relax. I just stayed home, watched the soccer games and Netflix. Well, it was a busy weekend, so the free Monday was well-deserved. 😊

I hope you enjoyed the past three days and enjoy the short work week. See you all tomorrow for the PuB NiGHT at Dublin Calling Rooftop.

– Elisabeth

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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