Another week is about to end… So, what does that mean? Yes, correct: Week + end = weekend! 🎉 And this time it’s double the fun, because we have the Monday off as well. So, get yourself ready for three days of weekend.

If you crave some good live music, you should definitely pay a visit to North Vancouver. This Saturday, you will find live music at two different locations: In the Shipbuilders’ Square you can listen to “The So Tight Band” from 5pm to 10pm and in Cates Park you get the chance to tap your feet along to the music of “Asi Somos”, “The Acoustic Ghosts” and “Symentha”.

It won’t be too hot on Saturday, so you can also spend your time going for a 43548823282_5c37cc6a14_nbeautiful hike. Recommended hiking trails are in Deep Cove, Lynn Canyon Park, Lighthouse Park, or if you dare, the Grouse Grind. In case the $15 for the Grouse Mountain Gondola down scare you from hiking up there, I have good news for you: The BCMC trail allows you to hike down as well, but be aware that it’s a very steep slope, so it’s not the most advisable.

In the evening, you should not miss out on the Celebration of Light. The team from South Korea is hosting the firework show of the evening. 🎆🎇

If you’d rather dance, instead of just listening to music, you should come to Robson Square Salsa. As indicated in the name of the event, it’s at Robson Square. Come at 3pm and enjoy four hours of Salsa dancing. You don’t need to have any prior experience and you can also just come and watch. Don’t worry, it takes place every week. So if you enjoy it, come back the following week and build up on what you’ve learnt.

Yes, this weekend we have one extra day. Time to just do whatever we want to. Good news for that day: The weather, which had a little setback the past days, will get better38041918_10156414332729647_7304010023389102080_nagain. So, just grab your friends and spend an easy day at the beach. Vancouver has a lot of beaches to offer, so even if you think you’ve seen them all, you might find a new one. The most popular ones are: Kitsilano Beach, Sunset Beach, English Bay, Second and Third Beach. But there is one in Deep Cove and at CRAB park as well. They’re small, but definitely worth a visit.

I hope you’ll enjoy the weekend and have an amazing time doing whatever you decide to do! 🙂

See you either on Saturday for the Rockies Trip or latest on Wednesday at the Beaver Bar!

– Elisabeth

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