Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye to another great weekend in Vancouver. This means I only have one weekend left in this beautiful city. But hey, let’s not get into that right now. Instead, let me tell you about the fun I’ve had the past few days.

44020762001_2fc6f5abfe_nOn Saturday, it was time for our INTERNeX event: Outdoor Game Day. Six fun activities were on the schedule. But first things first: Team division. Who forms ‘team pink’ and who is part of ‘team blue’? After we determined that, we spilled the secret that there’d be a prize for the winning team. We had to get you guys motivated. Time to play the first game: ‘Card Relay Race’. Let’s find out how competitive you guys are. In this game, both teams had to collect all cards of a specific symbol. But, it wasn’t that simple. The cards lay, face down, on the other side of the field. Team members had to run back and forth, flipping a card at a time, until their stack was complete. It took quite some time before there was a winner, but in the end, it was 1-0 for team blue.

A round of memory, Kubb and water bottle bowling later, it was 3-1 for team blue. Next up: Pictionary. This was a challenging game in which everyone could show off their drawing skills. Well, or lack of drawing skills. This game surely created a lot of laughs. The last game involved water, sponges and buckets. The goal: bringing as much water to the other side as possible. Though it might seem impossible, both teams had the exact same amount of water in their buckets. So, both teams got a point. The end score: 5-2 for team blue. Congrats guys! I hope you liked your prize!

After multiple hours of being active, it was snack time (schnacks!). A couple of us went to the Warehouse in Gastown for lunch. When we finished our meals, I went home to freshen up. Not long after that, I went to Surrey to meet up with friends. We spent the evening watching my favorite movie: Safe Haven (If you haven’t watched it yet, get on it!) and Pitch Perfect 2.

Interactive IntrovertsOn Sunday, I spent most of my day relaxing. In the evening, however, I went to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Two YouTubers I watch, Dan Howell and Phil Lester, are on tour right now and on this day, they were in Vancouver. Their show is called Interactive Introverts and its aim is “giving the people what they want”, as Dan likes to say. I laughed a lot and couldn’t have spent my Sunday night any better.

I hope you all had a great weekend as well. See you tomorrow for our Outdoor Movie event in Stanley Park!

– Angy

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