What to do on the weekend?

The week is over again and it’s time to chill out or explore Vancouver! What is special about this weekend?  It’s Thanksgiving!

This means 4 instead of 3 days to do something: 🎉

A good start of this weekend is the Vancouver Halloween Parade and Expo. It’s the 5th annual Vancouver Halloween Parade, which is about three days of festival inspired by comics, anime, video games and mythologies.  It is for all ages and welcome everyone to the world’s largest Cosplay stage. Some parts are free and other are ticketed. Prices are between ($8 to $10). You can book online or pay at the door! When you want to surprise yourself, just go to the Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza, 850 W Georgia St., Vancouver for the Outdoor Performance.

40766590765_816f8d3e57Saturday should be sunny, so it’s a perfect possibility to check out Vancouver: Go to Stanley Park, sit down at English Beach and watch at the Sea or go for a walk at Queen Elizabeth Park and enjoy the sunny day. You could also go the BC Place and support the Lions against the Toronto Argonauts. However, just enjoy the beautiful weather and go out for a hike.😊

23927167588_7c8ef77358_zSunday is again Halloween time in Vancouver. The mid-october Halloween Parade is taking place. Parade entries in the Vancouver Halloween Parade aren’t particularly scary or gruesome – they’re mostly superheroes, Japanese anime characters and non-frightening girls dancing with zombie makeup – so it’s very kid-friendly. The parade route goes down Howe Street from around Davie to Smithe, then along Smithe to Granville Street, and then up Granville to Drake. Thousands of people turn out for the Halloween Parade each year, which usually runs for just short of an hour. Richmond night market is going to close their doors for 2018 so you should use this last chance to go out and have a beautiful evening on the night market at 8351 River Road in Richmond.!

🎶🎶🎶Tell me why I don’t like Mondays🎶🎶🎶…But this Monday will be a likely one, so why do you not use your day off to go to Granville Island and be part of the Granville Island 10 km Turkey Trot? It doesn’t matter if you are a participant or just there as a supporter, it will be fun for everyone!

So have a nice weekend and maybe I will see you at our Pub Night next week in the Mahony & Sons! 🙂 🙂 

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