Candidate Exposé – Linda Braun

My name is Linda Braun, I am 21 years old and I am from Germany. I am studying Business Administration with a focus on industrial companies in Mannheim, Germany. When I am back home in October, my last year is going to start.

There are two reasons why I decided to go to Canada with Internex. My parents were in Vancouver 26 years ago and they were so fascinated with the city and also the country. So they always told me that I have to go to Canada one day. After listening to the experiences with INTERNex of a few colleagues of my company in Germany, who did the practicum program with INTERNeX before, I decided to get more information and – finally – to apply. This program isn’t a necessary part of my university program, but I thought it would be helpful for my future work and to improve my language skills.

Arrived in Vancouver for  my practicum program, I started working for my company. I was there for 10 weeks in the Marketing department and I had an amazing time. I got some projects to work on and my colleagues were very friendly and open-minded. I felt and still feeling welcome since my first day!

But let’s tell you about my experiences I had here:

The day I arrived in Canada it was raining – of course. This has lasted for the next two weeks (my holiday weeks by the way). But then the weather turned around and I found out about the beauty of this amazing city! 🙂

Vancouver is a great city. Of course it’s a big city and there’s always something going on like in other bigger cities. But it’s not that hectic and there are still some places you can go if you want to have some time just for you. Also the people in Vancouver and Canada are so friendly, even the bus drivers. I will miss them! And – like I mentioned before – I love the combination of untouched nature and wildlife and the city life in Vancouver. It’s AWESOME! 🙂
I’m in love with this country – for sure.

Time to go on with my experiences…

There were the typical tourist activities and places that I have done and visited like Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Grouse Grind, Gastown, Stanley Park etc. But I have also visited Victoria and Tofino at Vancouver Island, went to Squamish to do the “Sea to Sky Gondola” hike and of course – the amazing trip to the Rocky Mountains. I also have went to Seattle for one day. And there was the Pub Night every Wednesday and other fun activities like the Outdoor Game Day, Outdoor Cinema and Honda Celebration of Light (just to name a few).

Of course I had also some challenges here. Being so far away from your home and your family and friends for such a long time isn’t that easy. But time goes by so far, right? Definitely one of my biggest challenges during my time in Vancouver was to find the way back home from West Vancouver after three hours of transit traffic because my navigation system sent me to the wrong “Sunset Beach” :(. So instead of having some after-work pizza with my friends on a great and sunny Friday evening at the Sunset Beach in Vancouver right beside the English Bay I was in West Vancouver and had to take the bus home for another three hours.
Well, to be stranded in West Vancouver was definitely a memorable thing for me, but not in a positive way. But leave that out. Nearly everyday of my time here in Vancouver was memorable because there were activities everyday and every weekend. But if I have to choose I will choose the Rocky Mountains trip because I have never seen such beautiful places before. And I also have never done a polar bear swim too, by the way. The INTERNeX group became so close in such a short time. Unbelievable!

Back home I will spend some time with my family and friends. And hug my godchild for a long time because she is asking her mum everyday when I’m back home.
I have traveled a lot before this trip too but never for such a long time and  INTERNeX supported me the whole time. They helped to find my practicum place and the homestay. Also they helped me to get my work permit (sorry for asking so many questions by the way). The events planned from the INTERNeX PR-team were very helpful to make some friends and to experience more about Vancouver and Canada. I would definitely recommend the services to others!

– Linda



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