How was your weekend?

This weekend was a special one for me. I went to the Rockies for a 4 Day Trip and it was awesome. Let me tell you a bit more about it: 

We started Friday in the morning at Waterfront, prepared to go on our journey. While sitting in bus we were listening to our tour guide introducing himself. He told us some information about our trip before he asked us where we all are from. It was very interesting out of which parts of the world the other guys are coming. We had a lot of Brazilians, Germans, Mexicans…It was a very diverse group, but this made it a unique trip and experience! However, back to the story. After stopping in Hope, Kamloops and Golden we arrived at the Mountain View Cabins for our first overnight stop. After having lunch, we stayed for a few hours near the campfire and started to learn to know each other.  The first day was going to an end, so everybody went their cabin and fall asleep after this long day of travelling. 

Saturday in the morning we wanted to leave the camp before the sunset, so we had to get up early. After having breakfast (it was sooooooo cold!), it was time to leave the camp towards Lake Emerald and this was by the way one of the most terrific views I had in my entire life. I saw the sun coming up behind the mountain, pushing away the fog and discovered the beautiful view on the lake. It was unbelievable awesome! After, in my opinion a too short, period at this Lake we went ahead to Lake Louise, where we had lunch. Lake Louise is also a very beautiful place with an unbelievable turquoise water. You could lose your mind in this colorful lake! In the Afternoon it was time to go Banff, where we took the Gondola to go to the peak of Sulphur Mountain. On top you had a fantastic view over Banff and the surrounding area. Back at the foot of the mountain we checked in the Hotel and prepared everything for this evenings Pub Night at the Devils Gap. We played billiard, had a lot of interesting conversation and I learned to know many new people.  So this was how the Saturday came to an end, a very long ending! 😀

After having a very short night, we picked up some food at Tim Hortons and started our day “Lake”-Day. We stopped at Lake Two Jack, Lake Minnewanka, Bow Lake and the Peyto Lake. It was unbelievable to see all these wonderful places and none of them was waste of time! Afterwards we went to the Athabasca Glacier and especially for the South American Guys it was an unique experience. For some of them it was the first time they saw ice and snow and even when you know snow and you already have seen a glacier, it was a stunning view! Our last stop this day was Mount Robson. Due to the unbelievable weather conditions and the cloudless sky, we were able to the all of it. A very cool moment. Afterwards we had dinner and spend the evening sitting together and talking or playing soccer in front of our Hotel. In my opinion, a great evening! 

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Monday was already the last day, so we checked out, had an outdoor breakfast (-8 Degrees!!!) and started our trip back to Vancouver. After a few stops and a long journey we arrived at Waterfront. I had to hurry up, because I had an appointment in front of the Rogers Arena. It was time for my first NHL Game: the Vancouver Canucks against the Washington Capitals.  The result was not the anticipated one, but the experience was very cool!

To sum my weekend up: it was amaaaaazing! I only can recommend the trip to the Rockies. It is kind of life-changing activity!
While I spend my time in the Rockies, Lukas and Julia went out with some other guys to the Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver! They hiked along the trail, stopped at some viewing points, where thy enjoyed the stunning view. At there last stop they had some lunch together. It was a successful day!


I hope your weekend was great too and maybe we will see us today for the next Pub Night at Steamworks 🙂


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