Here I go again …

Why is time running so fast?

Lake Louise 10_MMy two month here in Vancouver are over and I’m really not ready to go back to Germany. I fell in love with the city and the people here. Even though I only had two month here I enjoyed every second. But this was something I couldn’t even imagine my first days:
I arrived here, saw the beauty of “Raincouver” and I was really wondering why people could say this city is lovely. Also my first impressions of Downtown were not that lovely. Getting the first time out of the bus and the only thing I saw was a crowd of homeless people standing in rain…I think it is imaginable why I thought about going back as soon as possible! I had this picture of Vancouver for three days: Vancouver, rainy and crowed by homeless people.
The turning point was my fourth day here. I had my first Pub-Night, so after work I went out to the “Mousse Down Under”. I was way to early, so I decided to check out Canada Place for the first time. It was sunny and I had this awesome view on North Vancouver, the Stanley Park, starting water planes and a few ships. In this moment I understood why people could like Vancouver. I got the opinion that Vancouver should get a second chance! I started to explore the city and my view on Vancouver changed day for day a bit more. This place has so much to offer. Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Gastown by Night, the Harbour, English Bay, Granville Island or just the amazing view on the skyline. Please, don’t ask me about my favourite place, because every single one is beautiful in its own way. I had so many great experiences here: a whale watching trip, a stunning view at Vancouver on the top of Grouse Mountain, watching the sunset on English Beach, supporting the Canucks against Washington… If you ask me about my favourite experience?

IMG_0697I had two. The first was my trip to the Rocky Mountains. I’ve never seen such awesome places before and there is nothing comparable I know. The beauty of Lake Louise , the amazing landscapes of Jasper Nationalpark and the Rockies and Costal Mountains in general. It was a life-changing experience. The world has so much to give and to offer, we just need to take our chances! My second favourite experience was out trip to Whistler. We had an amazing time and I did something, which was on the top of my bucket-list for a long time: a bungee jump! This was so amazing! This feeling of being totally free. Flying like a bird for a short moment and just feel adrenaline! I’m still flashed!
But my time here was not only about the beauty of Canada, it was also about the people I met. My experiences made it a great time, but the people turned it in an awesome one! So many histories and different personalities, so many funny people and fantastic moments we shared. I’m glad for every one of you! I’m glad for every second we spent together and I just want to thank you all for everything! I wish you all the best and an awesome time here! Enjoy it!


I’m very sure that we will meet again some day!
Finally, I don’t want to waste your time any longer! Michael, over and out!

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