The Rocky Mountains 2019- Are you ready?

Tomorrow is the day! The day that many of us have been waiting for; we will finally leave to the Rocky Mountains. So pack your bags, rest when you still can and get ready for a trip you are never going to forget.33304981604_6da396a973_o

To make sure you don’t miss the ride I would recommend on being in the right place on the right time tomorrow morning. And where would this be? The buss leaves at 7am from 999 Canada place. Do not be late and remember to check how to get to the meeting point at that hour. Sky trains might not be operating that early.

I’ve been getting questions about whether there is Wi-Fi at the cabins, if we need to bring towels or hairdryers etc. I will answer these questions right now. According to the information given from West Trek there will be Wi-Fi at the hotels but not at the Mountain Cabins . The hotels and the Mountain Cabins will both have towels, so no need to bring that. Unless you want to.  The hotels have hairdryers and Cabins won’t. Hotels have shampoos and other stuff, but again, the Mountain Cabins probably won’t. I would bring my own showering stuff. There will be plenty of space in the buss for our luggages so don’t worry about having too big of a backpack.

And again, remember to bring enough warm clothes, two pieces of ID and cash for the optional activities (if you wish to do any). You can find a specified schedule from the Facebook event page. Read also the previous blog posts about the Rockies trip, in case you haven’t done that yet.

See ya guys tomorrow morning!

-Jasmin xx

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