What to do on the weekend?

The weekend is ahead of us and in case you don’t have any plans yet, here are some suggestions, as to what you can do.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t looking too good. Since you might not want to be outside, how about you go to the movie theater. The current movies being played, will take you back to your childhood. For example, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, where Vancouver native Ryan Reynolds lends his voice to Pikachu. Or the Disney classic Aladdin, where you will see Will Smith as the genie. If you have not seen it yet, you could check out the record breaking, star packed movie Avengers: Endgame.


On Sunday the weather is suppose to get better. Giving you the opportunity for example to go on a hike at Lighthouse Park or at any other of the many hiking trails in and around Vancouver. Another lovely way to enjoy sunny weather in Vancouver, is by relaxing on one of Vancouver’s beaches.


If you want a bit more action, there will be the Color Fest 2019 on Sunday. The fest will celebrate the South Asian spring festival Holi. The event will include music, dance and a community color “war”. It will be held in the Town Center Park Coquitlam from 1pm to 4pm. The admission is $10 and you can get the tickets online.

In case you want some cultural experience, you could visit the European Festival on Sunday. The festival will be held at the Vancouver Alpen Club at 2875 Victoria Drive. 15 different socities are participating in this festival to share their cultures. There will be concerts and performances, a marketplace, and food. Admission will be $5.

Our event this week is the hike at Joffre Lakes on Sunday. On the way there we will make a quick stop at Shannon Falls and our way back we will stop in beautiful Whistler for dinner. Thanks to everyone, who decided to join us and see you on Sunday!

Enjoy your weekend!


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